Supports to Help During Your Pregnancy

Here are some of the supports that are here to help you during your pregnancy so you and your baby are as healthy as possible.

Healthy Baby/Healthy Start Groups

The Healthy Baby and Healthy Start groups provide great support to women and families who are expecting a child or have just had their baby. These programs will help you apply for the Manitoba Prenatal Benefit as well as provide you with some of the things you need during and after pregnancy:

  • Milk coupons (during pregnancy and until your baby is six months old)
  • A free bib
  • Cook book
  • Bus tickets to and from the program
  • Parenting tips
  • Healthy snacks
  • Information about nutrition and health for you and your family

Find out where the nearest Healthy Baby/Healthy Start sites in Winnipeg are.

Need financial assistance?

You may be eligible for the The Manitoba Prenatal Benefit. If you are pregnant, live in Manitoba and have a net family income of less than $32,000 a year, you may be able to receive the Manitoba Prenatal Benefit. If you are approved for the benefit, you can start to receive monthly cheques in your second trimester of pregnancy until the month your baby is due. Talk to your health care provider about applying for the benefit!

Need a health care provider?

There are lots of options for health care providers. You can connect with a doctor, nurse practitioner, midwife or other health care professional. Visit our Sites for Care page to choose the best option for you.

Need help getting to appointments?

If getting to and from your appointments during pregnancy is difficult, there are some supports in place to help. Talk to your health care provider about whether you are eligible for transportation to and from your appointment.

Need help with child care during appointments?

Also, some sites will provide child-minding during your appointment. If you already have children and can’t find child care during your appointments sometimes providers¬†will watch them while you’re there. Ask your provider if child-minding is available at your site or where you can go with child-minding.

Want to learn more and get care?

Healthy Baby/Healthy Start groups are a great way to learn about your pregnancy, your baby, and how to stay healthy. They teach all kinds of skills like cooking for you and your baby, how to take care of you and your baby during pregnancy, and what to expect when your baby arrives. Some of the programs also have midwives so you can have your prenatal care during the group.

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