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There are lots of links that can help you keep yourself and your baby healthy during your pregnancy. Remember that early and regular care throughout your pregnancy is important.

Winnipeg Resources

Here are some great Winnipeg Resources that can answer many questions about your pregnancy.

These contacts can talk to you about:

  • finding a doctor
  • counselling
  • depression
  • smoking
  • what to expect as a new parent
  • using alcohol or drugs and
  • many other topics.

Visit the Winnipeg Resources page to learn more.

Helpful Websites:

General Pregnancy Information

These sites have great information all about having a baby and what to expect during your pregnancy. They talk about all different pregnancy related information that will be helpful for you when you’re expecting.

Manitoba Parent Zone

The Healthy Baby website

The BC Women’s Hospital website


Healthy Child Prenatal Benefit

Sexuality and U

The SOGC website

Health Canada’s pregnancy website

St. Boniface Hospital’s Woman and Child Site

Best Start

Planned Parenthood Toronto’s online forum or Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada.

Facts of Life Line

Information on Smoking

Want to quit smoking? Here is a great resource to help you quit.

The Smokers Helpline is another great resource!

Information on Pregnancy and Alcohol

Mother Risk website

Sex, Alcohol and Birth Control

The Project CHOICES website
Project CHOICES email:

Information on Breastfeeding

Public Health Agency of Canada’s breast feeding website.

Region of Peel, Ontario’s breast feeding website.

Breastfeeding online

Café Mom

Best Start’s breast feeding page.

La Leche League

Information on Domestic Violence and Abuse

Klinic’s resources on domestic violence

Best Start

Information on Healthy Eating

Canada’s food guide

Best Start’s nutrition page

 Resources for Dads on fathering

Dad Central




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