Signs of Labour

There are a few signs that you might be in labour (your baby might be on its way).

Bag of waters breaks:
This “water” is really amniotic fluid and is the liquid that your baby floats in when inside of you. It may be a big gush of water or might be a smaller amount and feel like you have peed yourself. If you think your water broke, you need to go to the hospital soon. The longer you wait, the bigger chance you and your baby may get an infection.

Low, nagging backache or contractions:
Contractions feel like a really big pain in your lower belly where your uterus is. Sometimes contractions are felt as back pain that comes and goes. They often start like strong period cramps. At the beginning of labour they will come and go. Then they will get stronger and closer together. You may also see some blood show (mucus with a bit of blood) coming from your vagina. Once the contractions are regular and about every 5 minutes you should go to the hospital.  You might be having your baby.

Find out when you should be going to the hospital here.

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