Being pregnant gives you a lot to think about, a lot of choices to make. We’re here to help you stay healthy during and after your pregnancy.

So what is prenatal care?

Prenatal really means “before baby comes.” It is important for both you and your baby’s health. Women who have regular prenatal care:Prenatal image

  • Have healthier babies
  • Are less likely to have the baby come too early
  • Are less likely to have other serious problems with pregnancy

Start prenatal care as soon as you can. It is important to see your doctor, nurse or midwife early and often.

Find out all about prenatal care here.

If you have questions about being pregnant or about anything on this website, ask us questions. We have a list of programs, places and information that can help.

You Have Choices to Make. This is your pregnancy. You’re the boss. It’s your body and you make the decisions. Maybe you want to keep the pregnancy; maybe you don’t. Talk to us.

See a doctor, midwife or nurse regularly. And check out our Pregnancy Tips and Helpful Links for more information.


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